Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Sunday Outing

It rained today. This morning really. It was mostly a humid mist, a condition where the air was so saturated with water it couldn't keep it up anymore and so it spit on us all morning. All I wanted to do today was walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from my place south of Chinatown. Walk across the bridge, dodging tourists along the way, to end up in Brooklyn. I wanted to walk down between the old warehouses across the river and down to the Park and look back at my Manhattan. It's my Manhattan now. I've claimed it. Living here off and on, but mostly on, for the last two years makes it mine, I've decided, mostly because it feels right. But walking in the rain, across the bridge was not appetizing. I'd planned this day out in advance in the hopes of walking across the famous bridge with the sun shining and the smell of that dirty, salty river water filling up my nostrils. I was laying in my bed with a book on my lap staring out the window...waiting. The rain had to stop sometime, right? And finally it did, and the sun even popped out for a minute. And I jumped up and out of bed, rushing outside as fast as I could. It wasn't the day I had envisioned for myself, but maybe it would be better.

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