Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time for a Slow Down

When I'm at home for various breaks, I work at a small bar in a small town called Staplehurst. I do whatever they need, some nights I wash dishes, sometimes I wait tables. Today I waited tables. Saturdays are always pretty quiet. A few men will come in for lunch, some kids will come in to buy candy or pop, and there will always be a couple customers in to buy $5 cigarettes or chew. Today, like every day but Sunday, around 3 o'clock the old men of Staplehurst come in. They trickle in slowly, one or two at a time, hobbling slowly. All of them wearing their caps and blue jeans. They shoot the shit for a while, waiting for everyone to show up. Talk about the weather, the upcoming farming season, the weather, whatever so-and-so did...when everyone has made his way to the bar they move to a round table in the corner to play cards. There they sit with their beers, whiskey and waters, root beers, and play. They play until supper time, talking low and moving the cards quickly. For me, used to the speed of the city, its exciting to watch something so slow moving and deliberate. I enjoy the change of pace, it keeps me on my toes.

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